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Hapy God of the Nile - Gebel el Silsila and Elephantine
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Enrich your trip to Egypt, learn more about the Ancient Gods whose monuments and temples you will s e on your Egypt Tour.

Take day tours around Cairo to Memphis and Saqqara for sites of Gods of Lower Egypt. Travel by prearranged speciality excursions for the Gods of Middle Egypt.

Many monuments and temples for the God of Upper Egypt are located in and around Luxor. Tours of Abydos and Dendera can be made by special arrangement.

Visit other sites in Upper Egypt by Nile Cruise, Elephantine Island, home of Khnum the creator god is located in Aswan.

Hapy, God of the Nile

The yearly innundation of the Nile was essential to the Egyptians. Hapy the God of the Nile was worshipped universally, but especially at the First Cataract, Elephantine. At Elephantine, the first evidence of the Nile flood could be seen.

Hapy was personification of the Nile. He lived in a cave near the Nile cataracts above Elephantine. He controlled the yearly innundation that flooded the land with rich soil and nutrients.

The flood of the Nile filled up the green band of cultivation like a basin of water. If too much water flowed the villages that were built on the normal edge of the cultivation, of flood level, would be flooded and the planting of the crops would be delayed, and thus the harvest would be smaller.

If there was too little water, the river basin would not fill to normal levels and many fields would not receive the life giving nutrients and the size of the harvest would be diminished.

Hapy's cult centers were both in Upper Egypt at Gebel el Silsila and Elephantine. His priests were involved in rituals to ensure the steady levels of flow required from the annual flood. At Elephantine the official nileometer, a measuring device, was carefully monitored to predict the level of the flood, and his priests must have been intimately concerned with its monitoring.

He is depicted as a man with rolls of fat and pendulous breasts, wearing a crown of reeds and lotus blooms.






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