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Maat the Goddess of Truth and Justice
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Enrich your trip to Egypt, learn more about the Ancient Gods whose monuments and temples you will s e on your Egypt Tour.

Take day tours around Cairo to Memphis and Saqqara for sites of Gods of Lower Egypt. Travel by prearranged speciality excursions for the Gods of Middle Egypt.

Many monuments and temples for the God of Upper Egypt are located in and around Luxor. Tours of Abydos and Dendera can be made by special arrangement.

Visit other sites in Upper Egypt by Nile Cruise, Elephantine Island, home of Khnum the creator god is located in Aswan.


Maat and Sekhmet receive offering on walls at Temple of Khnum at Esna.

Maat was the personificaton of the fundamental order of the universe. The goddess of truth, justice and order, she was worshipped all over Egypt.

Seti I cradles a statue of Maat.

Upholding the order of the universe was the pharaoh's primary responsiblity, and many bore the title Beloved of Maat. Her headress was a single feather. In the underworld, the heart of the deceased was weighed on a balance scale before Osirus against that feather to detect the weight of the deceased's sins.

The 42 Principles of Maat

1. I have not killed, nor bid anyone kill.
2. I have not committed adultery or rape.
3. I have not avenged myself nor burned with rage.
4. I have not caused terror.
5. I have not assaulted anyone nor caused anyone pain.
6. I have not caused misery.
7. I have not done any harm to man or to animals.
8. I have not caused the shedding of tears.
9. I have not wronged the people nor bear them any evil intent.
10. I have not stolen nor taken that which does not belong to me.
11. I have not taken more than my fair share of food.
12. I have not damaged the crops, the fields, or the trees.
13. I have not deprived anyone of what is rightfully theirs.
14. I have not bourn false witness, nor supported false allegations.
15. I have not lied, nor spoken falsely to the hurt of another.
16. I have not used fiery words nor stirred up any strife.
17. I have not spoken nor acted deceitfully to the hurt of another.
18. I have not spoken scornfully against others.
19. I have not eavesdropped.
20. I have not ignored the truth or words of righteousness.
21. I have not judged anyone hastily or harshly.
22. I have not disrespected sacred places.
23. I have caused no wrong to be done to any workers or prisoners.
24. I have not been angry without good reason.
25. I have not hindered the flow of running water.
26. I have not wasted the running water.
27. I have not polluted the water or the land.
28. I have not taken God's name in vain.
29. I have not despised nor anger the Gods.
30. I have not stolen from God.
31. I have not given excessive offerings nor less than what is due.
32. I have not coveted thy neighbor's goods.
33. I have not stolen from nor disrespect the dead.
34. I have remembered and observed the appointed holy days.
35. I have not held back the offerings due to the Gods.
36. I have not interfered with sacred rites.
37. I have not slaughtered with evil intent any sacred animals.
38. I have not acted with guile or insolence.
39. I have not been unduly proud nor acted with arrogance.
40. I have not magnified my condition beyond what is appropriate.
41. I have done no less than my daily obligations require.
42. I have obeyed the law and committed no treason.

42 principles of Maat from


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