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Up to Top of Page The following list of books is from my own library or from those purchased by other users of this web site. Some are available “new”, some are available “used”, and some are no longer available. When a book can be bought through Amazon, either new or used, I have included a link to the appropriate order page. Just so you will know… If you buy a “new” book immediately upon clicking on one of these links, or if you browse through Amazon and buy other books after having clicked through from this site, we receive a small commission. If you buy a used book we receive a very small commission.

But despite that, I have included all links that we could find, new or used, as I think building up a library of Egyptian books is a pleasure, and there are some great ones available on the used market.

Therefore, I wish you much joy in your search for additions to your own library.


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Travel Guides

The Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt.
Murnane, William J. Penguin Books, Ltd. Middlesex, England, 1983.

Egypt a Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit.
Logan, Leanne; Cole, Geert; Simonis, Damien; and Wayne, Scott. Fourth Edition. Lonely Planet Publications. Melbourne, Australia 1997.

Eyewitness Travel Guide, DK Travel Writers.

DK Pockets: Ancient Egypt. DK Travel Writers.

Thebes in Egypt: A guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor, Nigel Strudwick and Helen Strudwick.


Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids. Abrams.

When the Pyramids Were Built: Egyptian Art in the Old Kingdom
, Dorothea Arnold.

The Pyramids: The Mystery, Culture and Science of Egypt’s Great Monuments. By Miroslav Verner, Grove Press. New York. 2001

The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids.

The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries.

The Message of the Sphinx By Graham Hancock.

Pyramids.By Joyce Tyldesley

The Pyramids of Egypt By Alberto Siliotti


The Complete Tutankhamun: The King – The
Tomb – The Royal Treasure.
Reeves, Nicholas. Thames and Hudson. London, 1990.

Tutankhamen, Life and Death of a Pharaoh.
Desroches-Noblecourt, Christiane. Penguin Books. London, 1963.

Behind the Mask of Tutankhamen, Barry Wynne. Souvenir Press. London, 1972.

Tutankhamen: Life and Death of a Boy King, Christine El Mahdy. Headline, 1999.

The Tomb of Tutankhamun
, Howard Carter. Sphere Books Ltd. London, 1972.

Treasures of Tutankhamun, Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen.

DK Discoveries: Tutankhamun, The Life and Death of a Pharaoh.

Howard Carter: Before Tutankhamun, C. N. Reeves.

Tutankhamun: The Untold Story, Thomas Hoving.

Tutankhamun, T. G. H. James.

The Rape of Tutankhamun, John Romer.

The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun
, Howard Carter and Arthur C. Mace.


Akhenaten the Heretic King. Redford, Donald B. Princeton University Press. Princeton,
New Jersey, 1984.

Pharaohs of the Sun, Akhenataen, Nefertiti, Tutankhamum. Rita E. Freid, Yvonne J. Markowitz, Sue H. D’auria. Bullfinch Press. 1999.

Akhenaten: King of Egypt, Cyril Aldred.

Akhenaten: Egypt’s False Prophet, C. N. Reeves, Nicholas Reeves.

The Life and Times of Akhenaten, Arthur Weigall.


Ramesses: Egypt’s Greatest Pharaoh, Joyce Tyldesley. Viking Press, 2000.

Other Pharaohs

Cleopatra’s Palace: In Search of a Legend, by Laura Foreman and Franck Goddio.

Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh, by Joyce Tyldesley.

Chronicle of a Pharaoh: the Intimate Life of Amenhotep III, Joanne Fletcher. Oxford University Press.

Pharaohs: Treasures of Egyptian Art from the Louvre, Lawrence M. Berman and Bernadette Letellier. The Cleveland Museum of Art with Oxford University Press. 1996.

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Jo Forty. J. G. Press. 1998.

Tombs and Mummies

The Valley of the Golden Mummies, Zahi A Hawass.

The Lost Tomb, Kent Weeks.

Ancient Lives: The Story of the Pharaohs’
Romer, John. Weidenfeld and Nicolson. London, 1984.

The Complete Valley of the Kings: Tombs and
Treasures of Egypt’s Greatest Pharaohs.

Reeves, Nicholas and Wilkinson, Richard H. Thames and Hudson. London, 1996.

The Hidden Tombs of Memphis.
Martin, Geoffrey T. Thames and Hudson. London, 1991.

House of Eternity, The Tomb of Nefertari.
McDonald, John K. The Getty Conservation Institute. Los Angeles, 1996.

The Mummy’s Tale: The Scientific and Medical Investigation of Natsef-Amun, Priest in the Temple at Karnak. Edited by Dr. A. R. David and Dr. E. Tapp. Michael O’Mara Books Limited. London, 1992.

The Tomb-Builders of the Pharaohs.
Bierbrier, Morris. The American University in Cairo
Press. Cairo, 1989.

The Tombs of the Nobles at Luxor. Manniche, Lise. The American University in Cairo Press.
Cairo, 1988.

Valley of the Kings.
Romer, John. Michael O’Mara Books Limited. London, 1981.

and Atlases

Atlas of Ancient Egypt.
Baines, John and Malek, Jaromir. Facts on File Publications. New York, 1982.

A Dictionary of Ancient Egypt.
Bunson, Margaret. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1995.

An Illustrated Dictionary of The Gods and
Symbols of Ancient Egypt.
Manfred. Thames and Hudson. London, 1980.

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, Morris L. Bierbrier.

A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt,
A Rosalie David.

The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, Ian Shaw.

Penquin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt, Bill Manley.

Daily Life

Letters from Egypt.
Gordon, Lucy Duff. Virago Press Limited. London, 1983.

Ancient Egypt: Everyday Life in Egyptian Times. Millard, Anne. Usborne
Publishing, Ltd. London, 1981.

People of the Nile: A New Light on the Civilization of Ancient Egypt.
Romer, John. Michael Joseph Ltd. London, 1982.

The World of the Egyptians, Jacques Champollion. Minerva. 1971.


How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-by-step Guide to Teach Yourself, Mark Collier, Bill Manley and Richard Parkinson.

The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, by Aiden Dodson. Barnes and Noble Books. New York. 2001.

An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Earnest Alfred Thompson, Wallace Budge.


The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt. Richard H. Wilkenson.

The Temple of Man, R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz.

The Temples of Karnak, R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz.


Egypt From Prehistory to the Romans: Taschen’s World Architecture.
Wildung, Dietrich. Taschen. Cologne, 1997.

A History of Ancient Egypt.
Rawlinson, George. The Nottingham Society. New York, 1880.

An Introduction to Ancient Egypt.
The Trustees of the British Museum. British Museum Publications Limited. London, 1979.

A Test of Time: The Bible – From Myth to
Rohm, David. Arrow Books Ltd. London, 1996.

Pharaoh to Farouk, H. Wood Jarvis.John Murry Ltd. London, 1956.

Egyptian Art, Boris de Rachewiltz. Hutchinson. London, 1960.

Egypt Observed, Henri Gougaud & Colette Gouvion. Bracken Books. London, 1980. 0195201329

Virtual Archaeology: Great Discoveries Brought to Life Through Virtual Reality

The Glories of Egypt
, Michael Audrain and Samivel. Thames and Hudson. London, 1963.

The Art of Egypt, Irmgard Woldring. Crown Publishers, Inc. New York, 1965.

Portrait of Egypt, Lord Kinross. Andre Deutsch Ltd. London, 1966.

An Introduction to Ancient Egypt, T. G. H. James.

Egyptian Treasures from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Mathaf Al-Misre

An Egyptian Bestiary: Animals in Life and Religion in the Land of the Pharaohs, by Philippe Germond, Thames and Hudson. London, 2001.

Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt. Joyce Tyldesley

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